Host house in Cholula, Mexico
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From Tucson, AZ to Cholula, Mexico: Field Work

This blog post details my travel from Tucson, Arizona (where I attended University of Arizona for undergraduate studies) to Cholula, Mexico with my anthropology advisor to gain field work experience. This was my first international travel experience, and hopefully the way I have written about it helps out any others in similar situations.

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Day 1 (6/4/2016):

interior of bus to Puebla from Mexico City
Interior of the bus to Puebla

Day one consisted of a lot of time in or near airports. My first flight took off from Tucson at 8:00AM and landed in Phoenix about 25 minutes later. It was 116 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix! Then after about a 30 minute layover, we boarded the plane to Mexico City. On the plane, they give you a visa form and a customs declaration form to fill out. When we landed (2:45PM Mexico time), we had to get through the immigration entrance before we could get to baggage claim. They just look at your visa information, take the top half and leave you the bottom half (if you lose this, it is 42 dollars to replace). Then you go to baggage claim and have to show them your baggage check receipt to make sure you are picking up the right bag. Then you go through customs declarations and they make you push a button. If it lights up red, your baggage needs to go through the scanner. If it turns green, you are free to leave the airport. We then bought tickets for the bus ride to Puebla. The bus was first class and included headphones, cookies, and bottled water. They played a movie in route. The tickets were 290 pesos (conversion rate is about 18 pesos to 1 dollar).

Host house in Cholula, Mexico
C. and I stayed at our professor's in-laws' place in Puebla that night.

Day 2 (Part 1): 6/5/2016

We woke up at 9:30AM and played in the yard and with the great dane, Thor. Then, at around 11:00AM, we had pancakes, pan dulce (sweet bread), scrambled eggs, and orange juice (you can get 1L hand-squeezed OJ for really cheap). We put together a trampoline in the backyard for my professor’s kids. It was election day in Puebla, so many people were out voting. Fun fact: the town does not sell alcohol in the days immediately prior to the election. After our hosts had voted, my professor’s family, C. and I headed to Cholula to locate our apartment for the month.

apartment kitchen in Cholula, Mexico
Apartment Kitchen
apartment in Cholula, Mexico
Dining room and bedrooms
Apartment complex parking lot

Afterwards, we walked to the lab we’ll be working in and then up the pyramid here in Cholula. I need to head out for the lab, so I will include pictures of the pyramid in my next post.

To be continued. -Brianna

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