archaeological field site in Moquegua, Peru
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Getting Dirty for Archaeology (and More Moquegua Sights)

Day-to-Day Life and Archaeological Field Work in Peru I’ve mostly been working in Moquegua’s museum/lab, but I did venture out into the field one day to see what was going on at the field site and to soak up some vitamin D. It is really remarkable how green everything is near the river and brown …

Boats on the chinampa of Xochimilco
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Exploring a Mexican “Floating Garden”

Xochimilco – A Chinampa, or “Floating Garden” [Click on images to enlarge] I actually visited Xochimilco on Sunday after visiting Teotihuacan. I would’ve preferred to put up a post on Teotihuacan first, which I was in the process of doing, but my WordPress app crashed and I lost the entire post. So I’ll cover Xochimilco …

Iglesia de Santo Domingo
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Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Pan Dulce, and Cross-Fit: Life in Mexico

This post is kind of a catch-all showcasing some incredibly ornate churches, delicious food, and how we have been spending our free time away from skeletal analysis while in Mexico. [Click on images to enlarge] Pan dulce, yum! The above picture is of a shutdown sanitarium next to the pyramid of Cholula. It was decommissioned …

Pyramid of the Flowers at the archaeological site of Xochitécatl
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Xochitécatl – Archaeological Excursion

Xochitécatl, Zona Arqueológica [Click on images to enlarge] My professor promised to arrange some excursions for us on our weekends, and this past Saturday we visited two nearby archaeological sites (sorry I know in my last post I said we were going to downtown Puebla, but plans changed). This post will focus on only one …