Jamaica honeymoon

Honeymoon in Jamaica

Our All-Inclusive Resort

After getting married in Las Vegas, we couldn’t wait to spend our honeymoon in Jamaica! We had a week booked at an all-inclusive Sandals resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are 9 Sandals resorts on the island of Jamaica located in 4 main areas (see below).

map of Sandals resorts in Jamaica
Sandals resort locations in Jamaica

The resort we stayed at was the Sandals Inn (Montego Bay), which is part of a “stay at 1, play at 3” deal. This means that there are free shuttles running between the three resorts in Montego Bay (Sandals Inn, Montego Bay, and Royal Caribbean). Shuttles run about every 30 minutes and schedules can be found at each resort. Each room receives a free newspaper of events being held at each of the three resorts daily so that guests may plan accordingly.

The Sandals Inn resort was the smallest of the three located in Montego Bay. I had mixed feelings about our stay here. The pros were that it was very quiet (meaning we got great sleep every night) and that it was more affordable than most of the other resorts. The cons, however, were that it had no private beach nor water sports and very little nightlife, so we had to take the shuttle to the other two resorts to experience these things. 

Sandals Inn, Montego Bay, Jamaica

As you can see in the pictures below, there is a beach near the resort, but this is frequently crowded with locals and is often home to many vendors trying to sell you wares (and marijuana). The other resorts have private beaches that are only available to Sandals guests, so they were much less crowded. We definitely did enjoy our stay, but depending on your priorities, this resort may or may not be the one for you.

We stayed on the second floor and had a balcony looking over the pool and beach.

Private Beaches

Like I mentioned, both of the other resorts had private beaches, so we spent a lot of time there. If you get there before noon, you often get your pick of the beach lounge chairs. Although there are no outside vendors allowed on the beach, the resort does send many of its spa employees to the beach to try and sell you on their services. They are generally pretty nice when you politely decline, however.

The beaches have these large orange circle water hammocks (basically) that you can swim out to and that have cupholders for your drinks! Because who on vacation wants to go anywhere without their drink?!


We were OBSESSED with the pina coladas – definitely recommend (just stir before drinking…unless you want a big gulp of the alcohol that settles to the bottom!). Remember, since the resort is all-inclusive, you can have as many drinks as you want!



The Montego Bay and Royal Caribbean resorts have free water activities, so the first thing we signed up to try was snorkeling!
On the boat, you get options of no life vest, an orange regular life vest, or a much less buoyant vest depending on your swimming strength and ability. Our first snorkeling trip that departed from the Royal Caribbean had calm waters, but we saw very few fish in the water (see pictures below).

Our second foray into the snorkeling world fared much better. The water was incredibly choppy, but we saw many more, and much bigger, fish! This snorkeling trip departed from Sandals Montego Bay.


We also tried glassboating, but were not able to see as many fish as I had hoped.


We kayaked; I probably hindered more than helped, though. It’s a lot harder than it looks!

The rest of our vacation time we spent eating, drinking, and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this sort of trip and hope to do it again some time. Choosing an all-inclusive honeymoon was definitely worth it – we never had to touch our wallets the entire time! And in case you were wondering, no one tips here. I’m not even sure if the employees are allowed to accept tips, so don’t worry about that!

Til next time! -B

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