Boats on the chinampa of Xochimilco
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Exploring a Mexican “Floating Garden”

Xochimilco - A Chinampa, or "Floating Garden"

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I actually visited Xochimilco on Sunday after visiting Teotihuacan. I would’ve preferred to put up a post on Teotihuacan first, which I was in the process of doing, but my WordPress app crashed and I lost the entire post. So I’ll cover Xochimilco first since it will take me less time to do so.

Xochimilco is an example of a chinampa – or “floating garden”. This is kind of a misnomer though, as the man-made islands are actually anchored to the riverbed with roots and mud.

We rented two boats (there were 24 of us) to tour the chinampas. Two men stood at the front of the boat and used large sticks to navigate and move the boat along.

People in other boats pull up next to you and sell you food and other items. I bought an “elote” or corn on the cob. They put mexican crema (like chipotle mayonnaise), cheese, and chile pepper (like tajin) on it and it is FANTASTIC.

Here’s a link to a recipe if you want to try it at home: Mexican-Style Street Corn (Elotes) – Buzzfeed

At one point, they pulled the boat over so we could take a look at some of the native plants being sold on the river bank.

Someone on our boat purchased a few mariachi songs to give us the full experience. They were fairly expensive.. three songs for 250 pesos.

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It rained a little bit while we were on the boats, but they all had awnings, so it didn’t both us at all!

After we left Xochimilco, we drove 3 hours back to Puebla and watched Antman – in Spanish, of course! – on the first class bus.

Until next time.


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