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How to Elope in Las Vegas on a Budget

Why We Chose to Elope

Less than a month to go until I’ve been married 6 months, so I guess it’s time I posted these photos! My fiance, now husband, and I decided to elope in Las Vegas for a few reasons. I’d never been (and really wanted to go) and we were planning on visiting Las Vegas for our 5 year anniversary anyway, so it was an easy decision. We always knew that we wanted the ceremony to be just about us and I never wanted to stress out about tripping in front of a hundred people when I walked down the aisle, so elopement was also an easy choice.

view of Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas
View from our room
Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip suite
Bed with tub in the background

Because I was already bucking tradition and because I do not subscribe to the antiquated ideals of virginity and purity a woman traditionally needed to embody to be a suitable partner, I knew a white dress – a symbol of these things, and the patriarchy – was not in the cards for me. My mom was a trooper and took me dress shopping. Since I’m a student, I was definitely on a budget. We visited a couple dress shops – Prevue and David’s Bridal. I knew I wanted my dress to be pink, so we had the best luck shopping in the bridesmaid dress section. I found a dress I really loved at Prevue for $300, but I found an almost identical dress at David’s Bridal for $100. Of course I chose that one! Baller on a budget, I know. (Pictures below)

Accommodations in Las Vegas

We made the 3 hour drive to Las Vegas from California and checked into our hotel. My husband had gotten us a suite at the Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip! Even though I knew I probably wasn’t going to use the washing machine and dryer, it still made me feel pretty fancy to have those in the room. The suite had a bedroom, a giant tub, shower, kitchen, and living room.

FYI: We booked through a 3rd party site and got a great deal. Something like $70-$80 for the night so it definitely fit right into our budget.

Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip suite
Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip suite
Living room and dining table
Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip, suite bathroom
Hilton Grand Vacations on the Strip, suite kitchen
Kitchen (washer/dryer in the cupboards at the left side of this picture)

Getting our Marriage License

The first night in town, we headed to the Marriage License office to pick up our license. There is no waiting period in Clark County, so you could get married immediately after receiving your license, if desired. If you are considering getting married in Clark County (Las Vegas), make sure to fill out the marriage license pre-application; it will be held in their digital records for 60 days. Currently, there is a $77.00 fee to purchase a marriage application. An additional perk to getting hitched in Las Vegas is that the marriage license office is open from 8AM until midnight seven days a week, including holidays! They really try to make it easy to get married there…probably because they want your money!

Fremont Street & Container Park

We got our license at around 8PM and then headed to Fremont street, since it was within walking distance of the office.

Then we headed over to the Container Park (a park in downtown Las Vegas where the shops are inside shipping containers).

Hitting the Strip (Finally, Some Alcohol)

Next, we caught a Lyft and headed to the strip for some booze – finally! We got the yard drinks at Senor Frogs with a Groupon. If you’re going to Vegas on a budget, Groupon is your best friend, trust me!!

Wedding Day

The next day we got married in Symphony Park – on our 5 year anniversary (December 12, 2016)! But first, a breakfast of champions – DONUTS! These were from PinkBox Doughnuts and they had quite a selection.

PinkBox Donuts, Las Vegas

Touring Las Vegas by Bus

We hit the Strip again that night, using Groupons to get a buffet dinner and an unsettlingly large margarita. The next morning, before our night flight to our honeymoon destination, we took a bus tour of Las Vegas (also Groupon).

The last thing we did that I would highly, highly recommend is a tasting of Coca-Cola products from around the world at the Coca-Cola store, like Inca Kola. You can also get floats made with non-exotic Coca-Cola product flavors, like orange Fanta. These were less cool, in my opinion. I believe it was $7 for the 16 samples of Coke flavors from around the world. It may have been another $7 just for the floats made with more usual Coke flavors. Either way, this was a bargain, because the two of us together could barely finish this! The only exotic Coke flavor I didn’t enjoy came from Italy (it tasted like soap). This was a really fun experience, and a cheap way to spend some time in Vegas!

That's it 'til next time, when I report on our honeymoon in Jamaica!

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