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Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Pan Dulce, and Cross-Fit: Life in Mexico

This post is kind of a catch-all showcasing some incredibly ornate churches, delicious food, and how we have been spending our free time away from skeletal analysis while in Mexico.

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pan dulce in Cholula, Mexico
Pan dulce, yum!

The above picture is of a shutdown sanitarium next to the pyramid of Cholula. It was decommissioned very recently to be turned into more of a tourist attraction – like a mall – and is currently undergoing renovations. The scary thing is: when this got shut down, the residents of the sanitarium were simply released into the general population!

homemade Mexican breakfast
Breakfast C. and I made ourselves
Breakfast a local bakery in Cholula, Mexico
Breakfast at a local restaurant
Our professor, J., is very active and talked us into playing paintpall and attending a crossfit workout session with him. On the left, is my war wound on my leg from paintball, and the image on the right is of the crossfit gym.
my name is Brianna but at Starbucks I'm Priana
my name is Brianna, but at Starbucks I'm Priana
Foliage on the pyramid of Cholula
Foliage on the pyramid of Cholula.
A delicious tartlet to go.
Churreria (where they make and sell fresh churros).
Churreria (where they make and sell fresh churros).

The Cathedral of the Angels (or just Puebla Cathedral) got its name from the following story: bells were being cast for the Cathedral, but once they were finished it was realized that they were too heavy to move. People had no idea what to do or how to get them into the tower. Then, allegedly, they woke up one day and all the bells were in the towers, allegedly put there by the angels. The fence around the Cathedral has many angels atop it for this reason. There were no photos allowed of this cathedral, but I didn’t see the sign until I had taken a couple photos.. 

Also, fun fact: the difference between a cathedral and a church is the number of towers. A cathedral has two while a church has one (or none).

Cathedral of the Angels in Cholula, Mexico
Cathedral of the Angels with me for scale.
The Iglesia de Santo Domingo (also located in Puebla) featured in the below photographs took forty years to build and features much gold! All of the gold decorations are made from 24 carat gold, which many of the surrounding towns donated to Puebla to help with the construction of the church. It was built by indigenous workers, none of whom had architectural training. And yes, I was actually allowed to take pictures of this church haha!
If I remember correctly, these were the preserved first gunshots of the Mexican revolution... but don't quote me on that.
Indio beer
When in Mexico, you gotta drink Indio.
udnerground mall in Puebla, Mexico
Underground mall in Puebla, Mexico
koi fish
Koi fish in the pool in the underground mall

That’s all for now. We are heading to Teotihuacan early tomorrow morning!


P.S. Here is a long overdue picture of my dog.

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