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Blue Apron Review

Been hearing a lot about Blue Apron recently? Me too.

Blue Apron always seems to be advertised on the podcasts I follow and now I’ve been seeing ads on social media, too. I know there are other new meal delivery services now, like Hello Fresh or HomeChef, but Blue Apron was the one I had been most curious about. Luckily, “Santa” brought me a gift card for Christmas. Between that generous amount, a promo code, and $20 out-of pocket, we were able to give Blue Apron a good test run with 3 weeks of deliveries. Without further ado, here is our Blue Apron review:

First, some basic facts about Blue Apron

1. It is NOT cheap. For a 2-person plan, with 3 meals per week it costs $59.94. This comes out to roughly $9.99 per person per meal. We opted for the 2 meal per week plan, which I believe came to about $45 per week.

2. Rarely any leftovers. 1 meal gave us leftovers, unlike much of what we cook at home.

3. They have a vegetarian plan (we selected this), but with much less variety.

4. You cannot specify the delivery time, but can specify the day.

Blue Apron sends you email updates

Blue Apron sends you emails with updates on your delivery, including a tracking number. They also remind you that you can change up your menu, if you want. Unless you’re a vegetarian, then you pretty much only get two options every week. Though I did feel that there was a satisfactory amount of variation even within these vegetarian options.

Blue Apron's Packaging

The silver material is full of insulating material and ice packs. I actually got one of my packages delivered about 4 days late due to transportation delays and nothing was bad inside, so I would say this system works fairly well.

Some of the meal recipes have a “30 Minute Meal” label in the upper right hand corner. Meals that do not have this may take 45 minutes to an hour.

Blue Apron's Ingredients

Blue Apron ingredients
These are all of the ingredients for both meals (red pepper pasta and some sort of vegetable stir-fry for which we threw away the recipe -but it is pictured above- because we didn't enjoy it).
Blue Apron ingredients
Two eggs are inside this package.
Each meal comes with a "Knick Knacks" bag.
Blue Apron ingredients
"Knick Knacks" for the roasted red pepper pasta.

Making the Red Pepper Pasta

Making the roasted red pepper pasta (spoiler – this was our favorite meal! And was also our first meal, making the rest a bit of a let down..):
The finished product topped with charred broccoli. Delicious! I never knew how much I could like broccoli. Recipe can be found below.

Making the vegetable stir-fry (the one recipe we did not enjoy):

Finished Product!

The last photos I have of a finished meal is of the pesto and goat cheese fusilli:

Reviews of All the Recipes We Tried from Blue Apron

Ratings will be given on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a horrible meal to 10 being super delicious.

1. Roasted Red Pepper Pasta (see above): 10

As I already said, this was our favorite recipe. We scarfed it down and have already made variations on this sauce about 3 times already. I cant recommend it enough!!

2. Pesto and Goat Cheese Fusilli; Rating: 9

My husband and I were both totally expecting not to like this because we are not the biggest fans of goat cheese, but it was amazingly creamy and sweet and acidic all at once! This was also a winner in our book.

3. Roasted Sweet Potato Quesadillas; Rating: 8

Delicious, but would be much better if cilantro or green onions were added.

4. Vegetable Stir Fry; Rating: 2

Like I said before, this was the one meal we didn’t want to finish, so we threw away the recipe. I’m not exactly quite sure what was so offputting, maybe the purple radish thing or the citrus plus egg. Anyway, I don’t recommend this one.

5. Vegetable Fried Rice; Rating: 6

Good but a little bland. I think my husband makes a way better fried rice. But I do love the roaster broccoli; I am eating so much more of it now!

6. Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas; Rating: 8

Really delicious and the only meal that gave us leftovers. Once again, I think this would be better by adding cilantro and we also add tofu now when we make this.


  • I do not think Blue Apron is a feasible weekly expense for us. We would have to cut out going out to eat to afford it, and quite honestly, I don’t think we want to do that!
  • Blue Apron recipes were easy to follow and generally were tasty
  • I was frustrated at the lack of leftovers
  • I think it was a great experience just to try recipes I never would have tried before and find out I like them! (Like who knew I liked capers?!)
  • I’m glad we tried it, but I don’t see us reactivating our membership any time soon.

Thanks for reading! Hope you ate a delicious meal with your eyes! 😉


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